We ask that all appointments take place at our studio in Toronto. However, special arrangements can be made to meet at a residence or office for large parties.

For the appointment you will need to bring: a suit (jacket and trousers), collared shirt, and shoes. This will allow us to see your preference and enhance your overall fit through the custom suit. Please ensure you bring an outfit you love and feel confident in.


The appointment usually lasts 1 hour as we spend time explaining suit details, assist in choosing style and fabric. Once a suit style is chosen, then we take 25 measurements and take 3 different pictures in order to capture true proportions and naunces in the body.


The information collected is sent to our overseas tailoring house where the garment takes about 4 to 6 weeks to tailor and ship back. Once the garment arrives back, it may require a few adjustments. We ask that you meet us at our recommended tailor locations in the GTA for a fitting. It takes about a week to alter and then the suit is ready.



2 Responses to “Appointment Process”

  1. frank ward Says:

    How can I obtain the gray Nehru suit shown in your blog? I am virtually a perfect 42 long.

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