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Usually we see trends pop up over weeks or even days, that are called micro-trends. One of the things we’ve seen pop up quite frequently over the past few weeks is over-sized patch pockets on blazers. These replace the regular flapped pockets and breast pocket on traditional jackets, giving the jacket a more casual look. This look is usually seen on rough or heavier wool to further accentuate the texture. You can also get away with putting your phone, keys and wallet in the front pocket because its already slightly bigger since its on the outside of the jacket, rather than made within it, quite practical!



What do you think? Would you wear the patch pocket trend?

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We just finished our Guide to Matching Outfits last week. Next up, is our Guide to Measurements. Every week, we will be covering an aspect of sizing and understanding what you’re true measurements are.

Introduction to Measurements


Did you know that your standard size differs across every brand? As alarming as it is, your true measurements are not based on an off the rack size. Go ahead, measure your waist, if it’s 32, you may be a 33, 34, or 35 at any number of different stores. Standard sizing is based on each designer, brand and differs across countries. It also differs across who is taking the measurements and how they are taken as well. So, there are a lot of things to consider in regards to your true measurements.

So what do you do about it?

First, you need to understand your body and sizing. Realize that every thing…

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Believe it or not, small collars are ubiquitous as skinny ties these days. Designers realized that although they had successfully matched lapel size to tie width, they failed to match collar size to both lapel and tie width. As a result, a new trend was born, which on it own is quite a statement. However, not all can rock such a bold trend. Like the skinny lapel and skinny tie, you have to be slender with a small to normal neck and head structure. An athletic build would not work with this style.


From a button down collar to a more funky peter pan style all are considered a small collar based on the width. The small collar is typically 1 to 2.5 inches in width at the point or edge, whereas a normal collar is 3 to 4 inches, this is similar in width to a lapel and a…

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The complete guide to matching outfits.

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This is our guide to mixing and matching outfits. This guide covers matching colors and weight as well as mixing prints and patterns of shirts and accessories.

First off, we have a general disclaimer: when it comes to mixing and matching outfits – confidence of the wearer trumps all. If you look at the most put together of men, they generally have an air of confidence. They may be wearing something that you may never wear, but the fact that he owns his look, makes you nod in agreement. Having confidence through experimenting and trying different things will ultimately help you become a mixing and matching clothes connoisseur. We hope this guide will assist you in your journey to becoming a better dresser.


An easy thing to remember is that any neutral colored clothing can match anything else. Neutral colors include: black, white, grey, khaki colors, and denim…

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Trend Tuesdays: Backpacks

October 3, 2013

Not sartorial but still a nice sleek leather backpack is perfect for those casual weekends..

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We all wore them in grade school in various colors and sizes, but then swore them off once we were no longer lugging around heavy textbooks and laptops. We opted then, for more practical and “grown-up” bags like the popular messenger back or professional leather laptop case/bag.

This season, backpacks are no longer for the adolescent teen but are trendy and seen everywhere. A movement that was made popular by the growing bicycle commuter populations, especially on the west coast. A popular brand that exists in SF is Chrome with its recognizable seat belt like buckle and logo.

Other popular styles include leather detailing, rucksack style and even ones with plain fronts. It all depends on personal preference, just don’t look like you’re headed to a classroom.



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The rule of big and small, a good rule to remember

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We’ve touched on matching in a few posts now, and one rule should resonate with you, that is: matching big patterns with small patterns that are matching in color. The patterns can be anything from checks to stripes to paisleys to shapes. As long as those patterns don’t compete for attention.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Here you will see a large check blazer with a micro-check gingham shirt. The blues are not exactly matching, but are complimentary. Both patterns are quite different but given the size proportions, they don’t compete but complement.


Here is a paisley tie and large check shirt. A bit risky but since the blue in the tie matches the large check print, and the sizes are opposite, it works well. Also, red and blue work famously together – so when it doubt, match red and blue.


This is a fairly gutsy match up…

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Yes, polka dots and checks go well together…here’s how:

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We touched on all color, pattern, and texture matching briefly last week through experimenting with gingham shirts. This can be expanded to any type of check shirt or pattern such as paisley, polka dots and geometric shapes. Let’s look at polka dots first.


Yes, dear reader – polka dots and checks can go well together as shown brilliantly in the picture below. Notice how the brown in the polka dot matches so well with the brown in the tie. Also, both are made of similar fabrics. In this example, one accessory has many colors, while the other has only one, so its simply a matter of matching color to color. A sky blue polka dot pocket square would have worked just as well.


Let’s look at another example… does this match?

photo (54)

You may think it does because when you apply the rule, there is a subtle blue in the tie…

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What’s in style this season: strategically placed leather detailing…

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leather details

Another big trend this fall is leather detailing found in sharp cuts and strong lines on anything from blazers, shirts to pants. It has also been seen as detailing on outerwear. This is not full on rock n roll or motorcycle riding gear of season’s past. This is small detailing on existing clothing like collars on shirts or patches on blazers.

leather details 1

How will you be rocking leather this season?

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A great guide to matching gingham with various ties

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How many plain colored shirts can one own? It’s time to graduate from mediocrity and step into the glamour of matching gingham check with a tie or bow tie. There are a slew of plaids and check shirts available, but let’s start off with the underdog of shirt patterns: gingham.

Gingham is a cotton fabric typically found in white with another color in a micro to small check pattern. Of course there are many iterations of gingham in color and check size, but the most recognizable pattern resembles a picnic tablecloth.  Gingham is seen as more of a preppier yet casual type of pattern, so its perfect for any occasion.

Beginner level:

Match the gingham color (red, purple or green) with a solid tie of the same color, i.e.: red gingham shirt with a red tie. Ensure the solid tie color is a darker shade than the shirt. The tie…

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Oh joy, how we love camo and we’re happy that its here to stay for another season. Its a versatile pattern that you can wear in anyway and on anything. You’ll see this pattern in suits, scarves, bags or bow ties. Out of all the trends this season, this one seems the easiest to incorporate. As we learned in part I of our mixing and matching guide, camo is made up of neutral colors so you can wear it with anything and it will still look great.



How will you be rocking camo this season?

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