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The mysterious art of men’s haute couture was created on Savile Row. Since 1733, this street has possessed the world’s most sought after tailors which hone the craftsmanship and artistry of bespoke tailoring. The expertise has been passed along through generations across the world, as tailors from other countries study and learn the art of British hand crafted suits. The definition of bespoke is narrow and is often misused to describe various types of tailoring. This is due to the fact that we now enter a new age of tailoring that has expanded our vocabulary to include terms such as made to measure.

The Savillian process operates in a novel way as it marries technology and global sourcing of tailors and fabrics. Many experienced hands pass insights on our garments. We operate on a by appointment only basis. We take 25 measurements along with pictures to capture the clients true proportions, while assisting in fabric and style choices. The garment takes 4 to 6 weeks to tailor, at which time we meet the client for fittings at our local tailor GTA locations.

Our Story

We are a brother and sister team with a traditional yet classic take on fashion. Having grown up with the concept of getting garments custom made overseas, it seemed only natural to start a company around the idea. However, this did not prove to be an easy task due to the multitude of tailor operations that offer custom garments of low quality, and poor workmanship. We were looking for a tailor house that understood and could collaborate on Western styles and trends as well as one that studied in Savile Row. Months of due diligence and persistence paid off, and we were united with a house that fit all of our requirements. A third generation house with international clientele now can reach North American heights through Savillian.

Savillian badge above illustrated by Danielle Meder of


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