Guide to Measurements: Sleeve Length

November 15, 2013

Menswear and Men's Fashion blog

Today on the guide to measurements, we explore sleeve length, a fairly straight forward measurement. Again, this measurement is best done with the help of a friend and while you’re standing normally, with your arms to your side. It’s done even better while wearing a collared shirt.

Sleeve length for shirts and jackets differ slightly. The sartorial rule for collared shirts is that they show 1/4 of an inch under a jacket. So, for a jacket that has a sleeve length of 25 inches, the shirt length should be 25.25 inches. However, for those that are against any rules, you can always follow your own. Perhaps you don’t wear a jacket with a collared shirt, then you may want to subtract an inch from the measurement so that your watch or bracelets don’t get caught under the cuff. This also works for those that want to hide cuffs completely…

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