Guide to Measurements: Stomach vs. Waist

November 11, 2013

Menswear and Men's Fashion blog

This week on Guide to Measurements, we explore two quite different yet sometimes conflicting measurements: “stomach” and “waist”.

The stomach measurement is taken at your belly button which is important for jackets, while the waist measurement is taken where you normally wear your pants, this can vary among individuals, but it’s generally 3 inches below your belly button.

Here is the waist video:

When you check your waist measurement, did you notice that its slightly different than your ready to wear pant size? Don’t worry, this is quite normal. As mentioned in the introduction to this guide, all brands differ in what they think a size “30” is. Brands usually add in a “vanity” cushion of 1.5 to 4 inches. You should expect atleast 1.5 inches more from your actual size at the very least, when buying pants. Of course, this is why belts exist!

Here is the stomach…

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