Guide to Mixing & Matching Outfits: The Rule of Big and Small

October 3, 2013

The rule of big and small, a good rule to remember

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We’ve touched on matching in a few posts now, and one rule should resonate with you, that is: matching big patterns with small patterns that are matching in color. The patterns can be anything from checks to stripes to paisleys to shapes. As long as those patterns don’t compete for attention.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Here you will see a large check blazer with a micro-check gingham shirt. The blues are not exactly matching, but are complimentary. Both patterns are quite different but given the size proportions, they don’t compete but complement.


Here is a paisley tie and large check shirt. A bit risky but since the blue in the tie matches the large check print, and the sizes are opposite, it works well. Also, red and blue work famously together – so when it doubt, match red and blue.


This is a fairly gutsy match up…

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