Guide to Matching Outfits: Polka Dot Matching

September 26, 2013

Yes, polka dots and checks go well together…here’s how:

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We touched on all color, pattern, and texture matching briefly last week through experimenting with gingham shirts. This can be expanded to any type of check shirt or pattern such as paisley, polka dots and geometric shapes. Let’s look at polka dots first.


Yes, dear reader – polka dots and checks can go well together as shown brilliantly in the picture below. Notice how the brown in the polka dot matches so well with the brown in the tie. Also, both are made of similar fabrics. In this example, one accessory has many colors, while the other has only one, so its simply a matter of matching color to color. A sky blue polka dot pocket square would have worked just as well.


Let’s look at another example… does this match?

photo (54)

You may think it does because when you apply the rule, there is a subtle blue in the tie…

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