How to Mix and Match Outfits: Gingham Style

September 25, 2013

A great guide to matching gingham with various ties

Menswear and Men's Fashion blog

How many plain colored shirts can one own? It’s time to graduate from mediocrity and step into the glamour of matching gingham check with a tie or bow tie. There are a slew of plaids and check shirts available, but let’s start off with the underdog of shirt patterns: gingham.

Gingham is a cotton fabric typically found in white with another color in a micro to small check pattern. Of course there are many iterations of gingham in color and check size, but the most recognizable pattern resembles a picnic tablecloth.  Gingham is seen as more of a preppier yet casual type of pattern, so its perfect for any occasion.

Beginner level:

Match the gingham color (red, purple or green) with a solid tie of the same color, i.e.: red gingham shirt with a red tie. Ensure the solid tie color is a darker shade than the shirt. The tie…

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