Guide to Matching Outfits: Weight

September 12, 2013

Menswear and Men's Fashion blog

So far we’ve explored mixing and matching colors in part I and part II. But another important part of matching is the weight of fabrics. The weight of fabric is important in deciding if they go together. A flimsy, and transparent linen would not go too well with heavy wool. This is easy to remember as fabrics are made for seasonal wear. Linen, and chambray are light and breathable fabrics made for warmer weather, hence it would be silly to wear these in the dead of winter. Alternatively, wool and leather are made for winter as you would melt away in the summer heat wearing these fabrics. Alas, this is all fairly common sense (at least we hope it is).

The confusion lies in various weights of cotton and wool, which again comes down to common sense. Would you wear a light see through cotton shirt with a heavy wool dress pant? Probably not – it…

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