Guide to Mixing and Matching Outfits: Color II

September 5, 2013

Menswear and Men's Fashion blog

Last week, we looked at neutral colors, this week we are expanding our color palette to actual color. For this lesson, we must go back to our days of finger painting and Play-do.

Back when we were kids, we learned about primary colors (blue, red and yellow) which in turn made secondary colors (purple, orange and green, and those in turn made tertiary colors. All three levels make up the color wheel.

color wheel

There are three basic ways to achieve “color harmony”. In other words, a combination that is pleasing to the eye. These ways are: matching three colors side by side in a color family (yellow and green, purple and blue, orange and red) where one color dominates. The next way is through opposite colors on the color wheel – called complementary colors (green and red etc.). Lastly, harmony in color is achieved in nature (yellow sun and blue…

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