Why do tech dudes in the West Coast dress like Crap?

July 19, 2013

How you dress plays a huge role on your confidence and how you do in your career.

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Perhaps the constant sunshine, bike commuting culture and general *good vibes* keeps everyone on this t-shirt and jeans kick. Sometimes it even gets as bad as socks with sandals for that SF to the “Valley” commute. Somehow, it’s accepted by all regardless of where you are on the “corporate” or shall we say “un-corporate” ladder. The entrepreneur lifestyle dictates this need to ignore all personal style and focus on utility and hopefully hygiene.
It all started with Zuckerberg who proved that you could become successful and even married while still dressing like crap. He even made it to #1 on GQ’s worst dressed man in tech, whoa. Well, good for him.
Since there are more than enough shots of Zuck, let’s move on to other very successful guys who just fail miserably in the dressing category. You think that these guys would spend some money on a…

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