Guide to Men’s Accessories – Part IV: Brand your Watch

June 3, 2010

A ticket pocket, and working cuffs are useless details on a custom suit – since rarely would you attend an Opera or roll up your sleeves to deliver a baby. Nonetheless, these are symbols which represent prestige and uniqueness to the wearer.

Watches have this same sartorial uselessness through different elements that make it ooze prestige.

Basically, a male watch is characterized by its “Complication” – which is defined as additional features like a stopwatch, second time zone display, chiming mechanism and calendars.

The Pilot Watch made popular by Breitling is the father of all male watches as it actually has functionality for flying a plane such as displaying ascending and descending gradients, fuel consumption and average speed. This may come in handy when you decide you need to take the jet into work.

Rolex used to be the status symbol for prestige, yet much contraband has now placed the name in a questionable category – similar to Gucci purses. You really never know if its fake.

Which ever brand you choose, ensure it is a chronograph watch with fancy complication – in the end you always have your phone to check the time digitally.

Picture from Gentlemen: A Timeless Fashion – Bernhard Roetzel


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