Guide to Men’s Accessories – Part II: The Pocket Watch

May 13, 2010

Like shoes, a man’s watch can say a lot about him. A watch goes beyond just telling time and being punctual, it can tell a story around his extra-curricular activities, personal style and his attention to detail. Yet, what about guys who do not wear a watch? I know of such a gentleman, and his honest response was that he didn’t know anything about watches and so was unable to decide on what would look best on him. Glad I am here to help.

My first dive into the world of watches will be the rare and nowadays quite ostentatious pocket watch. I must admit, I am fascinated with this type of watch and am quite taken by men who boldly display it on their vest. I believe this watch is only available in obscure vintage stores otherwise it is something that is usually passed on through generations.

A pocket watch is usually attached by a chain which has a hook or clasp to attach to a buttonhole. There are variations of this and it can get fairly complicated with additional adornments called fobs and watch specific pockets. Furthermore the whole look can be worn in different ways.

My recommendation is to stick to a chained pocket watch that can be attached to a vest buttonhole. Allow the chain to dangle so that it can be placed within the bottom vest pocket or trouser pocket. The actual pocket watch will certainly have some old world character to it, the magic I believe is in the chain itself; get something with some noticeable chunkiness in gold or silver. This look is more for show than actually checking the time.

A few closing thoughts:

  • Although you can wear it with a jacket/trousers, it is strongly recommended that you wear it with a vest.
  • The chain is meant to dangle so that the watch can be easily pulled out with no force.
  • It is probably best to not wear a wrist watch when wearing a pocket watch.
  • Wear the watch on your right side (if you are right handed) and visa versa if you are left handed.


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