Guide to Men’s Accessories – Part I: Spotted

May 6, 2010

Brace yourselves for a very exciting journey into men’s accessories!

It came to me as I saw lots of guy friends sporting very unique looking jewellery. As I got into the accessories groove, I started noticing cool accessories everywhere. This week is a quick look at some of my favorite spotted accessories worn by people in fashion.

Spotted at TFI New Labels Competition at The Carlu..

Tsovet Watch from Uncle Otis in Yorkville. This men’s watch is worn by the cheeky fashion designer – Natalie Good of Andy Hall. She paired the oversized watch with a few gold bracelets, a gold ring and bright red nail polish. This over-accessorizing went well with her monochromatic outfit.

Spotted at the One Year Anniversary Party at Redbull Sound Academy…

Louis Vuitton change pouch. When a wallet is just too much bulk, a simple zippered case can keep a few cards and bills inconspicuously. It’s an elegant touch, carried by Sharad M from the menswear blog Freshly Educated Men.


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