Disadvantages to being Built

April 27, 2010

I have come across many clients who complain of ill fitting suits due to their body building activities.

Although you may be a 38 chest, your back and shoulders may be wider/larger than what an average 38 chest may dictate. You will probably go up a size only to find that the shoulders are too boxy. At this point, you are probably a bit frustrated and decide to swear off suits until your over 40 and a belly may even your sizing out. Sound familiar?

Working out on a regular basis can lead to a larger chest, wide back or larger shoulders. Each build will be different depending on where you gain muscle the easiest. Most men who work out regularly have a “V” type of body shape. The more V shaped your build is – the harder it will be to find something that fits.

This is true for custom as well because  there is a limit to how much the chest t0 waist fabric can be darted (taken in). This is always true for the most extreme cases yet for most regular gym junkies, custom works very well compared to off the rack.


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