It’s my day too – Part IX: Indian Standard Time (IST)

April 20, 2010

Every Monday – Jessie will be taking over the blog to discuss his personal wedding planning struggles and successes from a male prospective.

On the first week of March, my fiancé left me in charge of hiring a DJ and to her surprise I booked and confirmed the appointment which we attended last Friday. At first, I asked a few friends and researched various DJ’s featured in magazines and on the net. DJ Guru (Vic) had the qualities, experience and flexibility I was looking for; I was convinced on giving him the job before I even got there.

We arrived 20 minutes early, which was a first for us. Apparently clients arriving early was a first for Guru too. He didn’t expect us to arrive so early and so he wasn’t even present. His wife kindly greeted us and made us feel at home with tea and biscuits. I guess when it comes to Indian vendors, it’s okay to be running on Indian Standard Time.

While waiting for Guru, the “boss” became a bit skeptical. I told her DJ Guru could colour coordinate his turban to go along with our reception colours (Vic doesn’t wear a turban). When Vic arrived, she was pleasantly surprised. Tip: Lowering ones expectations can have an overall positive effect if things go well. Not only was Vic knowledgable in all aspects of musical areas, he was also knew how to keep the conversation light and entertaining through the use of visuals, sound and great stories. He apparently can organize other forms of entertainment, like acrobatics, dancers, and musicians. He’s an overall entertainment contractor, not just a DJ. Needless to say we, or more importantly she, was really happy with him.

I’ll have to really think about the dynamics of my suit. I will not be able to make it too fitted as I wouldn’t want to have a ripping incident on the dance floor.


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