Guide to Wedding Suits – Part XIII: Final Recommendations

April 15, 2010

So we have reached the end. I want to leave you with 4 final thoughts. There are a few things that we commonly tell all of our wedding clients and that we strongly recommend.


We recommend a mixture of silk and wool or a Super 130 and higher wool. The silk and higher Super number will create a desirable sheen that will slightly shimmer in the light. The wife will already be shimmering so you don’t want to appear dull or matte beside her.


A vest in the SAME FABRIC. This is like a suit of armour for you. It will keep everything well shaped, fitted, and well put together. A vest definitely creates a sense of formality that is required at your wedding.


A crisp white shirt. Occasionally, the groom will want to get a crazy purple colour. I strongly recommend sticking to a white shirt with cufflinks and proportionate collar (depending on your face/neck shape).


Your fiancé’s approval. I do not like to sell anything without the fiancé being present. There is nothing worse than a groom happily buying away and then later I get a phone call saying that the wife did not approve it. Always bring your fiancé along to all appointments!


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