Women Wednesday: Fashion Week edition

April 7, 2010

Last week was Toronto LG Fashion Week where fall/winter 2010 collections were shown from some designers. I attended numerous shows and spotted a few recurring trends. Now, I know it is the fall collection and you have to wait till fall but its still kind of cold so why not wear it all now? That is the hard part about fashion, the waiting game between seasons as designers create collections one season ahead. I learned quickly to abandon all timetables and just wear whatever whenever as its always cold in Canada anyway. Please note: I do not recommend any of these looks for a corporate/professional workplace environment (possibly socks with heels when worn with trousers only!)

Trend #1: Socks with Heels (Designer: LOVAS)

 It was all over the runway and by the end of the week, most attendees (including myself) were rocking the look. When things are trendy, nothing looks bad.

Trend #2: Large pleats resembling Ruffles (Designer: Orange by Angela Chen)

This was also recurring. I could see the extra large ruffles being perfect for keeping snacks for later. Also, perfect for hiding a lopsided hip or a small child.

Trend #3: Large Shoulders (Designers: Lucian Matis)

This is back in a big way. It is actually a continuing trend from Spring 2009 but this time the shoulder resembles a creature that could potentially eat you. Being a lady with large set shoulders, I am apprehensive about this, especially shoulders with extra embellishments. However, it is what it is, so look out.


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