Event: LG Fashion Week – menswear

April 2, 2010

The power of style was the tagline of LG Fashion week; held in what I fondly refer to as a romantic warehouse. Outfits were planned, photos taken, wine drank, and shows watched where much tweeting ensued. Sadly, there is very little menswear showings at fashion week. There were only two full menswear shows and a few random menswear peices thrown into some collections for good measure. You can get a full report of the Bustle show here.

I was able to get prime real estate seating for the Dimitri-Chris show. Alexiou is a Montreal designer and the inspiration of his show was “Master of the FoxHounds”. This was apparent in the styling of custom made footwear, slicked back hair in hunting caps, laissez-faire twisting of scarves and Broadtail mink and fur bowtie and ties. It was a tight and consistent collection of well tailored suits mixed with heavy shawl-like capes and scarves. The detailing was impeccable – and you could see true bespoke elements used with intermixing of sartorial ploys throughout the collection. My favourite out of the box “runway-worthy” peice was the Tweed Corset for men. It is literally a tight wool wrap around peice (third picture) I believe I may order one for myself. 



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