It’s my day too – Part VI: Engagement Outfits

March 30, 2010

Every Monday – Jessie will be taking over the blog to discuss his personal wedding planning struggles and successes from a male prospective.

Gentlemen, the ladies are not the only ones who must think about their outfits (and yours). It’s time to be a man and take a stand.

So how will I make it all come together? 

The idea behind engagement pictures are to show the couples personality and how they are together in real life (not in fancy party clothes). My personal style is very classic and safe; I don’t want to be too daring and I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to hard given that I have a suit company! I want to keep my look as natural and sleek as possible. I am planning on wearing a classic yet fitted mid-grey blazer, dark denim jeans, a check or faintly striped collared shirt and Chelsea boots, as this is my casual everyday look.

For the engagement party, I’m thinking of wearing a charcoal grey three piece suit and accessorizing with tones of brown and blue. I’m fond of 3 piece suits, because I feel like I am wearing a suit of armour, it just brings everything together. If you have never worn a 3 piece suit before you must try, it is alot different then a 2 piece suit as it makes for a more fitted look.

One last piece of advice is to always consult with the “boss” before making any definite wardrobe decisions.

I am still thinking about my wedding suit as I will be designing this alongside my tailor. Stay tuned as my ideas unfold.

Next week I will be talking about the flowers, bouttonieres, wedding colours……..sunshine and rainbows…


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