Event: Buckler Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

March 30, 2010

Yes, the models were hot vampire men.

There isn’t much menswear to be seen in the vast openness of Canada let alone during Toronto’s LG Fashion week (LGFW). Except for about 2 shows during the week that I will post about later. I was, however pleasantly surprised to see Gaudet bust out with 4 men’s looks in his mostly women’s wear collection – one look had a see through black suit which was quite entertaining, yet highly unpractical..

Needless to say, I was happy to check out  Andrew Buckler – a brit-born, NYC based menswear designer with a Queen West (Toronto) store. Preparing for a fashion show, I arrived way too early to find models standing on pedestals. I stared at them for an hour and then decided to call it a night. The place was packed with very trendy men as I seemed to be 1 of 10 girls present.

The overall fall/winter collection is definitely made for a man’s man – with the rugged boots and suits with extra hard and rough fabrics.

I loved the 1 button double-breasted grey suit – a rarity. Even more, it was cut quite short – you would need a tall and slim body to pull this off. I wasn’t too sure about the shorts and stockings….perhaps not made for the most manly of men – but it seemed to work really well with the oversized jacket and boots.

The jacket below was made of a rough and thick canvas material – kind of like sandpaper. Now this is a man’s blazer! I loved the detailing of the pockets (seems to be a continuing trend for this year) and vintage buttons. It was also cut like a vest and again quite short – this is another continuing trend. I very much enjoyed the sweater as well.

My bro was quite taken by the rugged boots. It is not his style at all, yet he imagined himself wearing the boots with his jeans and a big fur hat walking down Queen St West in a snow storm. I guess that could work. The boots however are Soralis and was not part of his line – good stylist!

Overall, I liked his attention to detail and mixing of sartorial classics.


One Response to “Event: Buckler Fall/Winter 2010 Collection”

  1. alicia Says:

    actually – andrew buckler is a brit-born, nyc based designer who’s TO store is thriving on queen west (@euclid)!

    it WAS a bumping party! moreover, the FW 10 is pretty hot.

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