Monogramming.. PS -> you’re not cool

March 16, 2010

How did your mom separate your underwear and socks from your siblings? Did she write your name on them? Did she monogram your initials?

As an adult, I suppose it is a natural transition to now get custom shirts and jackets initialed prominently so others can recognize it and feel pangs of jealousy at your self-importance.

I have always advised my clients that getting your initals monogrammed on your clothing is just plain tacky not to mention juvenile.

Although, it is one of those custom additions that is practiced in most tailoring shops including Savile Row, I don’t agree with it.

I believe that the custom suit should speak for itself in small details like an opening of a working cuff button, a flash of colour in the lining or an interesting cufflink. Only a true eye would be able to recognize these minute details. To blatantly put it out in bright lights takes away the overall appeal of it being custom.

Having said all that, there are prominent law firms atleast in Toronto that practice monogramming of initials on their shirt cuffs as a part of their workplace culture. 

Overall, I would suggest keeping your cuffs and suits plain of monogramming. You want people to see you first and your suit/shirt second.  


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