It’s my day too – Part IV: Picking the Venue

March 16, 2010

Every Monday – Jessie will be taking over the blog to discuss his personal wedding planning struggles and successes from a male prospective.

After the proposal and getting settled as an engaged couple, prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride. The rollercoaster requires a bit of preparation, potentially a smooth slap in the face.

My best advice would be to shadow a friend who is getting married – this is a good way to check prices, and needs. Alot of you might think, you will let your significant other handle everything; but sometimes it doesn’t work this way and it shouldn’t. Ultimately, it is your day to.

When choosing a venue for the reception, first figure out the head count. This will determine and limit where you can have your venue. Most places in Toronto only allow for a capacity of 200 to 300 people.  After that, cost seems to be kind of important, or atleast the determining factor of your venue.

Next, the relevant matter at hand, the importance of taking into account the style of venue which should match your wedding outfit. Choosing a traditional venue or more modern venue will all depend on your tastes and preferences. Furthermore, if your parents are forking the bill then their tastes and preferences will supersede yours.

A more traditional venue will restrict you from trying anything different and keep you in the confines of classic simplicity. Traditional venues may call for a classic tuxedo (black and white) or a 2 button, 3 peice wool suit. Whilst a more contemporary venue will allow for a trendier yet sophisticated look like a skinny suit or a nehru collar. Outdoor weddings will also change the dynamic of attire as this will also depend on the season. An outdoor summer wedding will allow for a white dinner jacket or linen fabrics.

Since my fiance and I are both of different cultures with ultra modern and stylish tastes, we were unable to settle for anything ordinary or reasonable. In the end, we chose Atlantis Pavilion. This choice allows for a non-traditional style suit. I can be as trendy and colourful as I want due to the nature of the big city view and unique style of venue. 

Here is a list of other venues we explored:
Traditional Venues
Casa Loma (small 220 max)
Liberty Grand (various sizes, different rooms, garden reception)
Raddison Hotel (500 +)
Versailles Convention Centre (750 +)
Contemporary Venues
Spencers (Burlington) (small 125)
Fermenting Cellar ( 300+)
Palais Royal (400 +)
Atlantis Pavilion (400 +)


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