Guide to Wedding Suits: Part VIII – Shirts

March 11, 2010

Formality to the Nth Degree

Is this a shirt you see yourself wearing on your wedding day? Perhaps. It compliments tuxedo as the wings on the collar keep a bow tie in place. Furthermore the bib type front go well with a shawl collar and cummerbund.

However, what if you are wearing a 2-button black suit sans the tuxedo options. Okay, maybe a satin peaked lapel. Then, what shirt would work?

I am not one to promote the endless possibilities of matching your bride. Furthermore, I am completely against getting a solid eggplant coloured shirt in order to match the wedding theme.

My suggestion is to stick to a high quality cotton white shirt – with a collar that matches your proportions and with cufflink able cuffs. There is no need to over do it. For a groom, simple is better.

After spending money on a quality shirt, you could definitely wear it again to work or other formal occasions. Meanwhile a bib and/or wing tip collar would gather dust in your closet or worst yet – your arm pit stains will become apart of its legacy for the next groom.


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