It’s my day too – Part I: Seam Allowance

February 23, 2010

Every Monday – Jessie will be taking over the blog to discuss his personal wedding planning struggles and successes from a male prospective.

I’m engaged…and my suits don’t fit me anymore

Life goes, responsibilites compound and personal time becomes less and less. In this fast paced world, where we are all striving to succeed, we forget about our health. Not to mention any free time we do have is spent on maintaining the life/wife balance. Months and months of physcial neglect, comfort and joy with my significant other have lead to an entire wardrobe that needs to be altered.

I do have other options: lose weight. But, I don’t think I can ever maintain a body like that of my twenties and I don’t have the time to work out 5-6 days a week. So after much thought and struggles, I have decided to alter all my suits. Luckily, my Savillian suits all have roughly 1 inch seem allowance, which will allow me to alter the trousers and the jackets for a fraction of the cost it would cost me to buy new suits.

Seam allowance is extra fabric in the seams of the suit. Men gain all of their weight around their lower stomach, therefore while jacket shoulders may fit fine, trousers will become utterly useless. Furthermore, the jacket may not button up either.

Once you are in your late 20’s and living a busy moderately active and happy life with your wifey, its time to face the facts – you will gain weight. While the trend is to wear tight fitted suits right now – I would suggest getting slightly looser suits so that your “happiness” fills out your suits over time. Trust me, this will save you alot of heartache and money.

Stay tuned for what what to wear when proposing.

Jessie Banwait


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