Differentiating Suit Brands – House Cut

February 9, 2010

I wanted to discuss the “house cut” since I feel it’s the epitome of any suit jacket and what defines a suit brand. Bottom line is, if you are quite literally not “feeling” the house cut, then move on – that brand is not for you.

The “house cut” is the intellectual property if you may of any suit brand – all patterns or off the rack sizes are based on it. It defines a suit as having a slim or baggy waist, tight or loose arm hole, boxy or soft shoulders and long or short jacket length.

The current trend is an overall slim and fitted look and it appears the demands for fit are getting tighter over time. The slim fit includes a slim waist, tight armhole, soft shoulders and a shorter jacket. Many hip/trendy brands and fast fashion brands have based their house cut on this particular look – even the Savillian cut is based on this current trend.

The beauty of men’s trends and hence, house cuts is that fashion is so slow that it takes a few years for anything to change. My suggestion is to not take any trend too literally but always keep it classic.


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