Women Wednesday: “V” Suits

December 16, 2009

On occasional Wednesdays, I will post on women’s professional attire.

“V” – Alienware Tailoring

There is a new show on TV called V based on an extra-terrestrial race that invades Earth etc.. etc.. I am actually more interested in the main character: Anna and more importantly her wardrobe.

Apparently, only alien women wear tailored suits. When watching the show, I am so distracted by the perfection of the tailoring that I had to re-watch to catch the plot.

Most of her wardrobe consists of black and shades of grey fitted dresses and cropped/short blazers. She is rarely seen in pants which is a good choice as her short hair cut and lack of accessories would make her look too severe with pants. Her wardrobe is extremely fitting to her role – the stylist here did an amazing job.

The blazer has some slight flare with its “popped” collar, lack of lapel and slightly flared sleeves. Its not classic but very unique and very alien.

They must have some amazing tailors in the mothership.


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