Life at TFI: Alteration Recommedations

December 7, 2009

Each week I will post a picture on the happenings of Savillian.

Alterations – the bane of existence – Part III

At this point, it feels as though alterations has taken on a guide of its own. There is so much to discuss and so many nips and tucks to share with all of you. I do promise that this is the last week alterations will be discussed, however you should know that my fingers are crossed while I write this…

Here are three places that I recommend depending on your lifestyle, geographic location and wallet size.

Rich in the Suburbs – parents with money

 Classic Fit Alterations is located in Square One Shopping Centre in the heart of Mississauga. It is not an independent store yet I am drawn to this particular location because the tailor there is impeccable and tackles the most complicated of suit surgeries including removing a working cuff, ripping out a shoulder and shrinking a collar. This store takes care of other high profile stores’ alterations which makes it tried, tested and true. The downside is that you may have to sell your soul in exchange for the million dollar look. Basically, I would only recommend this place for your high quality or designer clothing – not your wash and throw – polyester dust collectors. Also, it may help to actually have money to spend.

Uptown Stylish – friends with money

Another alteration’s gem is located deep in the criss crosses of hwy 401, where the way there is different than the way back. Pauls Tailors is a family run operation, where most likely the tailor taking care of you will be named Paul. It is a no nonsense place that delivers exceptional alterations at a very reasonable price. If the hours weren’t so limited and the location not so tragic, I would take all of my alterations here. If you are busy during the day and can not make it till the evening or the weekend, well they will not be open for you, and they do take extra holidays. The only way you find out about that is when you read the handwritten sign on the door.

Downtown lovelies – pretending to have money

I must admit that the third place I am recommending is a place I have not tried yet. However, the crew on the styleforum and John – the intern very much think this is the place to be seen – it is Studio Kim in King West. The hours, location and prices are all very reasonable and accomodating. The only thing to watch out for is that they are quite busy, so always give them a deadline. I do believe that the tailor is Kim herself – this is always reassuring.


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