Life at TFI

November 30, 2009

Each week, I will post a picture on the happenings of Savillian.

It’s that time of year….holidays and shopping!

December is upon us, and so the countdown begins.

Thankfully, I don’t celebrate x-mas in the traditional sense, however its nice to have cool markets and sales to attend and buy things for myself.

This weekend I went to the Portobello East market in the Burroughes Building. It was quite small and didn’t really appeal to my senses. It was a market of jewelery, knick knacks and oddities like a purse made completely of ties and a pink dinosaur figure. My companion however, was completely taken by handcrafted vintage tiles (not sure how else to describe it).

Next weekend appears to be the mother (and father) of all sales. Once again the Burroughes Buiding (Queen West) plays host to a designer sale dubbed the Department Store Sale. Of course, there is also one for men also at Queen West. 

See you there!


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