Women Wednesday: Perfect Proposal Suit

November 25, 2009

On occasional Wednesdays, women’s professional attire will be discussed.

The Proposal Suit

I personally am not impressed by Sandra Bullock’s “power” suit in the movie The Proposal. Although the overall effect shows a powerful business woman – on closer inspection – there are signs that scream “trying to hard”!

First off, for those who are dying to pull this look off, you should know that Sandra Bullock is 5″8 and relatively slim. She is quite tall for a woman and this allows her the luxury to wear long skirts. She also has slim hips, waist and a long torso which allow her to wear a skinny belt to further accentuate her curvy waist. Anyone shorter than 5″6 should not attempt this look or you will look shorter! The belt look may suit most body types yet, don’t get a suit with loop holes since this will limit your use of it due to the wim of trends.

Here is my general beef with the suit: the sleeves are too long for her – it would have looked better slighty shorter to show off her expensive watch. Sandra is showing cleavage – this is a huge no-no for business! The skirt is unrealistically long and tight at the bottom despite the slit -this seems very impractical for an on-the-go business woman.

The overall cut of the suit was apparently not enough, there are also a lot of embellishments. There is the floppy collar with detail, latch buttons (that look like they could come undone easily), buttons on the cuff, and skinny belt. Perhaps a plain lapel, hidden front buttons and a slit on the cuff would have made the suit a little less intense. To top it off, I am not entirely convinced the suit is made of wool from the way it is slightly see through and shiny. Lastly, I am so distracted by the peeptoe Louboutin’s and racer sunglasses which don’t go well with the “classic” suit at all. Also, did you notice she is not wearing jewelery, I just find that odd.



3 Responses to “Women Wednesday: Perfect Proposal Suit”

  1. Sara Says:

    The suit Sandra had on in the movie was FABULOUS! I, along with many others, have been searching in vain to find it. Tailored suits with nice tall heels look great when have the correct body type for it.

  2. Esther Says:

    She looked awesome…gorsh I would wear it even if i was size 18 and like 4’5 i…ok am kidding 🙂 I think it was the best thing ever!!

  3. BanNeé Says:

    Oh, for the love of me! I must have this Suit!!! I do have to agree that it would look better with shoulder cut sleeves. I have been dying to find this.

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