Women Wednesday: Women’s Custom Suits

November 4, 2009

On most Wednesdays, women’s professional attire will be discussed.

Yes, I do women’s wear too!

I was very surprised when my first client from the Kismet Wedding show was not a groom but a single professional woman looking to enhance her wardrobe with a custom skirt suit. She had emailed me and inquired about suits for women and I had assured her that I could accomodate her request. She then recommended I make it more known, and so here I go!

I currently offer 2 distinct styles for women: the skirt suit and power suit. Both suits are based on the men’s British/Italian house cut and style except it lacks excessive padding in the shoulders and chest. The length of skirt can be from your natural waist or it can be high waisted. The jacket can also be hip length or slightly longer – it all depends on your height and body shape. 

A suit that closely matches its male counterpart is ideal. It is still important to keep the suit fitted and feminine through softer details in the lapel and cuff but not entirely necessary. The basic suit should remain classic and trends can be brought in through accessories and the shirt worn underneath the jacket.

The Skirt Suit

IMG_4695  IMG_4726

The Power Suit

IMG_4840  IMG_4775

Feel free to contact me if you want to chat further about my women’s wear collection, also send me your questions about professoinal attire – I will answer them through this post.


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