Savillian Endorsements – Macallan Scotch

November 2, 2009

Occasionally, we are asked by Matchstick to try out a product for free and then share our impressions with our readership.

Macallan Scotch Tasting Event @ One Hazelton – Yorkville

I am not one to turn down an invite where alcohol is involved, however I was a little anxious of the strict scotch menu. I am not a big “scotch” drinker; images of my father sitting with a few other older men drinking half whisky and half water with lots of ice comes to mind (this is the expert way of drinking).  I suppose this is the exact stereotype that Macallan is trying to get away from – smart, as they know young professionals need to buy their 12 and 18 year old scotch that is still back in Spain undergoing the painstaking aging process.

We tried 4 different scotches, each burning my throat with varying degrees. Scotch tasting and drinking for that matter is an art that involves a few drops of water that magically change the smell from fruit to toffee in a matter of seconds, but you must dance the glass around the nose unlike wine. Dark chocolate was also provided to compliment the scotch – however my pore olefactories were confused and dazed by the burning scotch to recognize the apparent goodness.

Needless to say, I still see scotch as mostly a tough man’s drink however there is a time and a place for it – perhaps during a custom suit appointment?

At the end of the night, we received a leather box filled with scotch essentials – a perfect addition to my studio, although it may be a stark contrast to my overbearing hot pink Coach box.


macallan 179   jessie_making a face at the scotch

Some of my live twittering:

“Wat do u think?” Well its very strong and def clearing my sinuses #macallan 6:45 PM Oct 29th

Use pebbles from lake ontario or a perfectly round ice cube to freshen yet not dilute ur whiskey #macallan 6:29 PM Oct 29th

Smell ur whisky by dancing it under ur nose so the aromas awaken the olefactorys #macallan 6:14 PM Oct 29th

The cask development is like a baby being born #macallan 6:08 PM Oct 29th

Single malt scotch is like a bespoke suit – entirely made in one distillery/tailor I can remember that #macallan 6:02 PM Oct 29th

Scotch whiskey comes from scotland – duh #macallan 5:57 PM Oct 29th 


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