Intermediate Guide to Suits: Part IX

October 29, 2009

Each week, I will present a post on the ins and outs of custom suits AND suits in general at an intermediate level. It is recommended that the beginner’s guide be read first.

Professing my love for Bowties

 bowtie  bowtie2

Photos courtesy of:

I must admit, it was not love at first sight, it was more of a slow attraction and after seeing a few fellows rocking it on the runway – I am now hooked. The model on the top has it styled directly on his neck – definitely something a female could rock or even exaggarate with a scarf. The model on the bottom has it on with a military inspired short sleeve shirt, a kind of juxtoposition of a tough guy/nerd boy look. It appears that bowties are certainly back in style with avengence and its not just reserved for formal occasions.

My advice is to experiment and have fun with it, but more importantly don’t wait till your wedding day.


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