Intermediate Guide to Suits: Part III

September 17, 2009

Each week, I will present a post on the ins and outs of custom suits AND suits in general at an intermediate level. It is recommended that the beginner’s guide be read first.
Matching Shoes & Belt
This rule is fairly simple in understanding, yet I refer to it in the intermediate guide as in practice it is not as easy as it may look.
For professional and formal wear, there are two types of versatile shoes to invest in. These are BLACK and dark BROWN leather shoes. These should be matched with a black or dark brown leather belt that has a small buckle. The brown shoes and belt do not have to match exactly.
Black shoes and belt can go with everything EXCEPT a navy blue suit. In this case, you must wear the brown combination. Believe it or not, brown can go nicely with a grey suit as well.

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