Beginner’s Guide to Suits: Part XI

August 4, 2009

Each week, I will present a post on the ins and outs of custom suits AND suits in general. For the complete guide, leave a comment!

Inside Piping & Inside Pick Stitching

pick stitching

Inside piping is located in the inside of the jacket and acts as a decorative barrier between the suit lining and the jacket fabric. Sometimes, there is pick stitching beside the piping which can also be in a different colour thread than the lining and piping. Again, there is no real purpose to these details except that they make the suit look very unique. Since it is more or less hidden from view, these details are more for the enjoyment of the wearer. It is at the wearer’s discretion to figure out tactics and strategies of how to show the details to onlookers.

Occasionally you will see these details in off the rack suits, however keep in mind that the pick stitching is not hand stitched. It is merely done by a sewing machine setting that will allow the stitching to appear to be uneven indicating that it is “done by hand”.


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