the “Perfect” suit

April 24, 2009

I am often at a loss when I am confronted with those that feel that there is such thing as “perfect” anything.

Perfection is an internal idea that people strive towards and there is certainly nothing wrong with it, however it does not apply to everything. The beauty of life is the inconsistencies and flaws that make us human.

In this sense, a custom suit celebrates the human form in all its imperfections and nuances that make us unique. Some people have a one inch shoulder drop, while others have a forward sloping posture. A custom suit will fit you and no one else, and you can alter it further to suit your specific preference and style.

If you have only worn off the rack then you may have preconceived ideas of custom being perfect and very expensive. However, it is neither.

Be prepared for a suit that feels close fitting and quite different than what you are used to. 


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