Make your wedding suit stand out

February 7, 2009

How can you differentiate your wedding suit from the rest of your business suits? There are two main ways:

1. Fabric

Weddings are no longer traditional, brides can wear all sorts of colours especially at the reception party, so why can’t grooms? You no longer have to wear the standard black variety. You can wear anything from a light grey pinestripe¬†to a checkered brown with orange accents. Basically, the suit should be made of a quality Italian wool. If you still want the basic black, then ensure that the fabric has a slight sheen to it so that it catches the light.

2. Extra details

The beauty of getting a custom suit is the ability to personalize it to exactly what you want. You can get satin lapels, not just in black but any colour you wish. Furthermore, you can choose the style of your pockets, cuffs, length, overall fit, and vest style.

Don’t feel constrained, this is your day too, so think about how you want to look on your wedding day for your bride to be.


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